Black Isle Red Hot Chilli Bock – A Tim Anderson Beer

My beer stocks are getting alarmingly low. All of the ‘drink these before they start going stale’ beers have been drunk, leaving just my range of bottles that I’m claiming I’m maturing but am probably subconciously keeping due to being a hoarding collector of stuff. Amongst these are a couple that I picked up on my Scottish trip back in February, including some from the folks at the Black Isle brewery. Awesome chauffeur Jon and I popped in while he was showing off how much nicer than London the countryside around his bar in Drumnadrochit is (quite a lot nicer, although there’s not as many 24 hour shops) and after a quick tour (it’s all in one room – it was a very quick tour) I filled the remaining gaps in my bag with two bottles from their shelves. The other night I was looking for a swift half to tide me over before bedtime and went for a bottle of Black Isle Red Hot Chilli Bock.

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