Sullivans Cove Double Cask and American Oak

Sullivan's Cove

After a weekend of visiting the wildlands outside of London (for the Worcester beer festival – many thanks to James and Holly for tempting me out of London), I had the immense pleasure of a train ride home. Three hours on a small cross country from Worcester to London Paddington, with the sun turning the carriage into a sauna as it filled with crying children (who I later discovered were potty training on the train) and surnburnt, welly-wearing music festival survivors. The perfect time to do a bit of whisky tasting…

Fortunately being a man of incredible forethought I placed a few tasty things in my bag before I left. In amongst a couple of beers (deemed too warm for effective consumption) there were a couple of whiskies that I got from recent Whisky Tasting Club packs, both from Sullivans Cove.

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Whisky Squad #28 – Sippin’ Global

With two Whisky Squad sessions per month and my current reduced rate of bloggage the site does seem to be turning into a Squad record site, which ain’t no bad thing (I love double negatives). However, #28 is a session that is close to my heart, as it was my first foray into leading a tasting. The plan was simple – find a bunch of world whiskies that a) taste pretty good and b) people probably won’t have tasted before, and then c) present them to The Squad at Albannach. After finding that a few of my first choices are now sold out in the UK I did a bit of legwork and only missed out on one of my choices – Teerenpeli from Finland. It will be back and one day I’ll inflict its creamy goodness on the general populace, or at least a few select people who are nearby before the bottle is empty.

Anyways, this will be an abbreviated post as I was too busy waving my arms around to write tasting notes and my brain doesn’t store information anywhere near as well as my army of notebooks. So here are my speaking notes and some piccies.

Update: There are now also ‘tasting notes’ courtesy of Mr Matchett. Each whisky is also matched with a computer game…

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