In Honour of Rowing to The Pole – a Pair of Old Pulteneys

I like Old Pulteney. As I mentioned way back in my first mention of them on this blog I think that they get a bit pricy a bit quickly (although now I’ve worked in whisky for a few months my ideas on pricing are fast being eroded) but they make good spirit. As such I was rather pleased, although admittedly quite surprised, to see that Jim Murray had named the Old Pulteney 21 year old his Best Whisky In The World in this year’s Whisky Bible. I was surprised as while I like the 21 I think it’s easily surpassed by the 17 and even the 12 year old, but that’s part of the point of Jim Murray – to put up a best whisky that almost noone agrees with in the whisky community, but that will make people talk. Happily this year he’s put up something that people do actually think has some right to a top spot, unlike in some previous years, and also happily it’s something made by people I’ve met and like. Well done Malcolm and the rest of the Pulteney gang.

Anyways, what that barely relevant intro brings me to is a pair of whiskies I had a taste of the other week – one as part of a ‘Twitter toast’ and the other one that I picked up while visiting the distillery.

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