Port Askaig 100 Proof – Whisky Advent Calendar Day #20

Port Askaig

This 24 days/24 posts thing has turned into a bit of a boozy diary, and this entry isn’t going to change that – I don’t normally write about things that are that related to work on here, but this was too good an opportunity to miss. Today I popped in to town to see how a friend of mine was doing – he was running a barrel top tasting at Selfridges.

The whisky he was pouring is the latest release from a range of whiskies that I’ve helped with in the past. A whisky that is the beginning of a new era – Port Askaig 100 Proof.

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Whisky Squad #23 – The Smoking Section

The problem with combining the ever lengthening Christmas season with having two whisky squad sessions per month is that someone who works in whisky retail (me) gets a bit busy. As such this post has taken me rather a while to produce, even for a lazy drunk like myself. At least it should be appearing before the end of the month…if I get a move on and start writing about the whisky rather than myself…

Anyways, the first of November’s Squad meetups was to feature a topic that hasn’t really been broached since back in my first attendance, Whisky Squad #4 – Islay Malts. That session featured a range of whisky from the island, rather than focusing on the traditional peaty fare, so the chaps decided that a night for smoke heads was long overdue. Hence Whisky Squad #23 – The Smoking Section.

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