Whisky Squad #20 – A Successful Grant Application with Ludo Ducrocq

After a couple of months with this blog not mentioning anything from the stable of William Grant and Sons I’ve been dragged back into the fold by this month’s Whisky Squad. After I met up with Grant’s brand ambassador Ludo Ducrocq a couple of months back, he and Squad boss Jason exchanged a few emails and with a sprinkling of organisational magic by scheduling guru Becky he was booked in to lead the September session at Albannach – he had some ideas that needed a bit more space than we usually have at The Gunmakers. Rather than repeat the walk through the range of Grant’s blended whiskies, as we had done with him already, he decided to go for a rather special tasting: a deconstruction of Grant’s 25 year old.

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The Grant’s Range with Ludo Ducrocq

Ludo Ducrocq is a worryingly busy man. As global brand ambassador for William Grant and Sons‘s range of blended whiskies he seems to spend a lot of time on the road – last week London, this week Monaco, next week China, the week after somewhere else that only his Blackberry knows. After having a chat with Becky, the ninja behind the @grantswhisky Twitter account, we started trying to sort out a time when I might meet up with Ludo – he ends up eating out a lot while travelling and tries to find people to help him punish his expense account rather than sitting in a restaurant on his own. After a number of false starts we managed to book a night a mere two months in advance – last Tuesday. After a couple of changes in plans we ended up arranging to meet in Albannach by Leicester Square, along with Jason and Darren of Whisky Squad fame.

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