Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash Brew

A question that noone has ever asked me, but I like to preemptively ask myself, is “Where do you get your ideas?” It’s an awful question and I dream of one day having to sigh and come up with an answer to tell the star-struck questioner, like the various writers and directors have had to when I’ve cornered them after a day of stalking. Currently the answer I plan on giving is “While walking the bleak aisles of the Park Royal Asda, searching for a bright ray of sunshine hidden behind generically packaged meat pies”.

While most of the reply is entirely false (Park Royal Asda is surprisingly unbleak for a soulless shopping shed on the edge of Europe’s biggest industrial estate, with friendly staff and an excellent range of produce. However, their meat pies are quite generically packaged) one part that isn’t is the core message – I do get many ideas for blog posts while walking around Asda, especially the beer and spirits aisle. The tales of gaudy booze pouches with easy sipping nozzles, excellent cans of mild and a range of port that I suspect indicates a hidden pocket of affluent residents nearby will wait for another time. Today I’m going to talk about Jeremiah Weed’s Sour Mash Brew.

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