Discovery Road Four Lions and Smile – Dom Roskrow’s Drams

Discovery Road

Dominic Roskrow is a busy man. He’s been writing about whisky professionally for the last couple of decades, but in the last few years he’s been involved in a scary number of projects. From editing magazines to starting the Craft Distillers Alliance, and promoting whiskies to starting a whisky and music festival, he’s had a large number of irons in the fire.

I met him back in 2010 at a rather posh tasting thrown in honour of his (at the time) latest book – The World’s Best Whiskies. Since then, he and I have crossed paths a bunch of times, from press jollies to whisky tastings (including a couple of Whisky Squad sessions – 1 & 2) and even working together. Well, I wrote a few entries for another book of his, 1001 Whiskies to Try Before You Die.

The last twelve months have been quite eventful for Dom, but he’s capped it with an adventure: he’s gone from writing about whiskies to putting out some of his own. Introducing Discovery Road – Four Lions and Smile.

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