Cadenhead’s Ledaig 1992 21yo – Whisky Advent Calendar Day #9


In the wonderful world of whisky, I have a few obsessions. Young Glen Grant from ye olden dayes, Laphroaig 10yo (thank you Mr Forbes), well-aged grain whisky (developed at this session, under the watchful eye and generous pouring of Mr Storry), Laphroaig (again) and pretty looking minis (it’s only a matter of time before I become a mini collector – pray for my soul). But, the strongest of the lot is a love of whisky from Ledaig.

It’s become quite well known amongst my circle of whisky buddies that I’m fond of a drop of the stuff, so day #9 of this increasingly ill-advised advent calendar project is a dram I was given for my birthday – a Cadenhead’s Ledaig 1992, bottled at 21 years old.

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Whisky Squad #22 – Now there’s something you don’t see every day…

I am heartbroken – I missed a Whisky Squad, my first since number 4. Through the inconvenient scheduling of The Whisky Show I ended up late at work preparing for a weekend of backbreaking toil rather than sitting around above The Gunmakers surrounded by whisky. Luckily Alan stepped up to the plate and wrote it up, and while I could not possibly comment on whisky bottled by a rival retailer it looks like it was a good one (…and I may have sought out a couple of the whiskies since just to make sure). Anyways, onwards and upwards!

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