#LaddieMP3 – Bruichladdich Micro Provenance Part 3


Bruichladdich and I continue to have a mixed relationship. For every Islay Barley that I like, there’s a Black Art that I don’t; for every Octomore 07.1 (a delicate punch to the face) there’s a Octomore Discovery (aka Bacon and Death). However, even in this new era for them, with both Mark Reynier and Jim McEwan – the founding fathers of the rebirth of the distillery in 2000 – now out of the picture, I still have the inbuilt affection for them that most whisky geeks do.

With the investment of new owners Rémy Martin backing them, they are embracing the digital world, and I was invited to join in with their latest venture – the Laddie Micro Provenance digital tastings, aka #LaddieMPx, for various values of x. Having sat on the sidelines for #LaddieMP1 and #LaddieMP2, I was finally able to take part in the third, the consistently named #LaddieMP3.

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