Annandale Rascally Liquor: Peated – Whisky Advent Calendar Day #8

Rascally Liquor Peated

On my booze shelf, I have a variety of strange bits and pieces. From Belgian eau-de-vie and gin picked up when visiting Westvleteren (as they’d run out of beer), to a bottle of lemon-infused lemon distillate (the result of my adding lemon zest to a bottle of experimental spirit given to me by someone who now makes gin in a much more legal fashion than when the bottle was gifted) there’s a range of things that I’ve not got round to drinking, despite intending to do so when I obtained them.

One of the more recent additions to my shelf of ‘this should have been drunk’ is something that’s on its way to being whisky, and therefore I reckon it’s eligible to drop into my whisky advent calendar – Annandale Peated Rascally Liquor.

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