Aldi Irish Reserve 26 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey

Aldi Irish Reserve 26 Year Old Single Malt

It’s Christmas. As someone who works for a whisky shop, I’ve got used to the 1 November festive season starter, but it seems that it’s still grating for most. However, there’s something to help get you through the long weeks until legitimate advent anticipation arrives in December: Christmas booze releases. This time – Aldi Irish Reserve 26 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey.

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Aldi Whisky – Glen Marnoch 24 Year Old

It’s rare that I get out of the blue offers of samples of whisky, especially since my move to work in the industry. In a way this pleases me, as it means I don’t often feel guilty when I get behind on writing blog posts and don’t get round to writing about something that someone’s sent me (sorry, DK, I will write about the Bowmore Tempest 3 soon), but it also means that offers of interesting samples do get taken quite seriously by me. Especially when they are from Aldi.

While Aldi seem to sit with Lidl at the budget end of the supermarket spectrum they are well known for doing at least one good booze – their Oliver Cromwell 1599 Gin. The 1599 is £9 for 50cl, bottled at a chunky 50% and has an IWSC Gold (and shared honours as best in class) to its name, sparking an interest in what Aldi might do with other booze categories. So when I got an email from the Aldi PR department (although not an invite to the swanky [I presume. I wasn’t invited] launch event with Jim Murray of Whisky Bible Fame) offering me a sample of their 24 year old Glen Marnoch and some info about it and their 40 year old Glenbridge, I couldn’t really say no.

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