Glyph Whiskey – how to build a spirit from scratch

Glyph Whiskey

At the edge of the whiskey world, there are lots of interesting things happening. Whether it be strange ingredients, extreme production methods, or even over-the-top packaging, pushing beyond the norms is definitely on the rise. So when I heard that someone’s not only made a whiskey from scratch in a lab but also put it on sale, I needed to try it. Glyph – ‘the first molecular whiskey, made overnight in California‘.

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Is Lidl Queen Margot 8 Year Old the Best Whisky in the World?

Lidl Queen Margot 8 Years Old

It’s awards season in the whisky world yet again, as it is every couple of months. The press loves a whisky award. It’s an easy article that people will share with their friends, generating the ever-important engagement that drives the world of online news. Last year’s big story was Aldi having the best whisky in the world; this year’s is that Lidl has taken the crown. Continue reading “Is Lidl Queen Margot 8 Year Old the Best Whisky in the World?”

The Holy Dram IL Inchmoan 2004

Holy Dram Inchmoan 2004

Last month, this blog turned nine years old. While that’s a scary thing in of itself (I’ve been writing about booze for about a quarter of my life), it also shows me how long it’s been since I first met (at least virtually) some of the folks in the whisky blogging world. I’ve known Gal Granov from WhiskyIsrael for almost a decade and now, after years of me sending him whisky from work, he has returned the favour and sent me a sample of a dram that he’s bottled – The Holy Dram Inchmoan 2004.

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Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection

Singleton Malt Master's Selection

The Singleton range of whiskies is a monster. I don’t mean that in a necessarily bad way, but like many monsters it is misunderstood, not particularly appreciated and big. Probably too big. However, after a promise of demonsterification a few years ago, it looks like we might finally be making progress. Step one, simplify the range and launch a new entry level bottle – introducing The Singleton Malt Master’s Selection.

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