Bootlegger Apple Brew – Prohibition Beer?

Bootlegger Apple Beer

New year, new booze. And how better to start blogging in 2016 than a bottle from the shelves of my local Morrison’s.

In amongst the Chorley cakes – my new favourite thing – and packets of interesting bits of pigs, they have a very good range of drinks. However, there are some weirder things hidden next to the tasty beers, including today’s beverage of choice – Bootlegger Apple Brew.

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Punt e Mes, old and new

Punt e Mes

I’ve written in the past about my scepticism about the potential for bottle ageing high-alcohol boozes, but something that I’ve long understood is that things are quite different for lower strength drinks. This has been very much brought home by some of the Italian bitters and vermouths I’ve been able to try, thanks to my boss’s love of old liqueurs and aperitifs, and I’ve been meaning to have a bit of a taste test of my own for a while. While the market has realised that 1970s, 1960s and earlier bottlings of vermouth and bitters are worth some money, fortunately for me the 1990s still sound recent enough that bottles from the era are still reasonably priced. Digging through The Whisky Exchange website the other day I noticed that we had some 1990s Punt e Mes and grabbed one, as well as a more recent bottle for a bit of a comparison.

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Powdered Alcohol – a mini-investigation into the wonder of Palcohol


One of the rules of Facebook, and the internet in general, is that people post things without really looking into what they’ve posted. I do it quite often, but am also quite obsessive in checking out other people’s posts, as I am That Guy on the internet.

Over the last few days a bunch of posts have appeared about a product called Palcohol, a pounch of ‘powdered alcohol’. Most of them said exactly the same thing, linking to the TTB label approval (the system I wrote about in my last post) and mentioning that a page had once existed on their website containing inappropriate marketing messages. In usual fashion, I decided to do some looking around to see what I could find so that I could be Best. Here’s what I found.

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Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer

Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer

I should not be allowed to wander the fabled halls of my local Asda. While I find the place strangely relaxing it has two very specific areas that I find particularly dangerous – the toys aisle, well stocked with affordable Lego, and the drinks section. Every now and again there’s a product that stares at me as I walk past, daring me to buy it whenever I visit. While sometimes that leads to happiness, such as with the Bowmore Small Batch Reserve and Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash Brew, other times there is much potential for peril. This evening was one of those times – I finally gave into the siren call of Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer.

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Quick Tastings

Work is starting to get busy and I’ve not got a lot of time to write long blog posts at the moment, so here’s some more random ‘short’ snippets on booze that I’ve managed to throw down my throat recently. In other news the blog was three years old last Friday. Which is quite scary.

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