Meta: Facebook and Twitter

A quick meta-post – I’ve set up a Facebook page and Twitter account for the blog. With Google Reader going away I thought I’d have a play with non-RSS syndication, so new posts should magically appear on @BillysBoozeBlog and the BBBlog FB page. Whether they will or not is something I will discover over the coming moments after hitting the ‘Publish’ button, but whatever happens there’s a Facebook page and a Twitter account connected to this blog. If such things are your bag then do with this new knowledge whatever it is that you do with such knowledge.

Movember round-up, competition winner and that’s about it

So, in an effort to stop writing about things that aren’t booze (which only really happens around this birthday moustache part of the year) here’s a quick round-up of outstanding items.

Firstly, my competition with the FABULOUS PRIZE! has now closed. The names have been collated, the random number generator has been prodded and a winner has been selected. The answer was of course that Mr Roskrow has recently started up the World Whisky Review with the fine folks at Connosr, who I seem to spend a lot of time pimping at the moment. The winner of the FABULOUS PRIZE! is none other than Chris Welfare, who will (once I manage to get down to the post office) be receiving a copy of Dom’s very pretty book The World’s Best Whiskies. Well done to him, thankyou to everyone who entered for showing that there are people reading this blog who I haven’t met, and thanks to everyone who wished the blog a happy birthday last week.

Anyways, moving swiftly on – MOVEMBER IS OVER! Soon my pretty face will yet again be hidden and people will stop saying ‘Oh, it suits you’ about my frankly ridiculous facial hair. By today my team had raised £3062 and the Whisky4Movember network, with a bunch of other whisky related teams in, hit £11,124, with over £6k of that coming from Master of Malt’s Movember bottling (of which more in a later post). Which is pretty impressive. You can still donate if you would like, but the moustaches have already started to come off. Mine hasn’t and hopefully I won’t look too ridiculous while my beard grows back. Anyways, here is some of the facial topiary that appeared:

Special mention must go to Mr Standing, who was bullied into joining in during the recording of an episode of Village of the Drammed and ended up agreeing to shave his head if he broke the £1000 mark. He did, and now he looks a bit scary.

Anyways, enough meta posting, normal booze related service will resume shortly

Happy Birthday to Me. Again. And a competition!

The year has rolled around again and the mighty power that is Billy’s Booze Blog is now two whole years old.

This year has been a weird one, with the last half of it having been spent as a professional (I claim none of the characteristics associated with professionalism other than a pay packet) boozer rather than enthusiastic amateur that I was last November. Output on this here blog has dropped quite significantly over the last few months due to that, but I’ve still managed to get a good few posts out:

2009-2010: 102 posts, ~100k words
2010-2011: 66 posts, ~95k words

So, only 65% the posts but 95% the word count. Rolling in my (currently) work blog posts that’s significantly more words than last year but a lot less posts. I need an editor…

On top of my job I’ve also started doing a video podcast with Messrs Standing and RookVillage of the Drammed. We’ve got four episodes in the bag, with three released so far and plans to record more as soon as we can. You can even subscribe to it on iTunes and like us on Facebook. Here’s the first one:

As a thank you to you lot reading this, and as a way to try and get rid of some of the stuff that I seem to keep in my house, I have a Fabulous Prize! to give away! Last year I went to the launch party/practise dinner for Dom Roskrow‘s book The World’s Best Whiskies, at which I was given a copy of the book. A couple of months later a parcel arrived from the Whisky Tasting Club, which Dom helps run, with another copy of the book. As such I’ve got a spare one and therefore it counts as a Fabulous Prize!

To enter, drop me an email to with the your name and the answer to the following question:

What whisky website is Dom working with to produce World Whisky Review, an online whisky magazine which recently released its first issue?

The competition will close on November 30th at 2359hours GMT – any entries received after that time will be ignored, as I’m going to turn off the email address. I’ll choose a name at random from one of my excellent hats (or using a random number generator, it depends on how much paper I have for my printer). The only rules are:

  • One entry per person
  • Billy may not enter
  • Billy’s decision is final

Anyways, thanks again to everyone who has written comments, grabbed me in real life and said “Hello, are you Billy? I read your blog” or otherwise encouraged me. Booze writing is now my job and it’s in part your fault. Well done.


Movember – The Beginnining

It’s the first of November and that means that Movember 2011 has begun. Last night I had my now traditional (two years makes it a tradition) shave and have revealed my lack of a strong chin to the world. In standard fashion I also went for a number of intermediary beards, this year starting with a nod towards the Amish symbol of marriage, a step towards Daniel P Carter and then a Treme inspired fluffy soul patch. I am quite keen on going for a shaven headed chin beard next year, but will probably get bored of the idea before I could implement it, which is a good thing:

Movember 2011 - Shavedown

So, I will be attempting to keep up a daily progress report on my MoSpace as I slowly (so very slowly) make myself look more ridiculous on a day by day basis. Other than the upcoming Movember WhiskySquad tasting (still a couple of tickets left) this is the last I’ll be mentioning it so be good and go sponsor me.

Barcamp London 9 – Beginner’s Guide to Absinthe

So, yesterday I did a talk at BarCampLondon about Absinthe. Which was fun. My main take-away from it is that doing a history of absinthe, a discussion of production methods, a hand around of the botanicals, a tasting of two, and the obligatory “Don’t set it alight” and “No, it won’t make you see things any more than Special Brew” in 25 minutes is Hard. Anyways, here are my slides, although I recommend you download them if you want to have a look as all the info is in the notes. If you don’t have Keynote (which I didn’t until last week) there’s also a PDF of slides and notes here.