Old Crow Traveler – for people going places

Old Crow Traveler

Compared with most forms of transport, air travel is still quite new. But what planes miss out on to hovercraft and helicopters in novelty, they win in numbers of passengers and potential for classiness. These days Easyjet’s rip-top pouches of cut-price vodka have cut into that class, but look back to the 1960s and you’ll find a golden age of air travel, or at least adverts claiming there was one. Then as now, if you have classy travel, you’ll almost always find a drinks company trying to cash in – introducing the Old Crow Traveler.

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I shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet. An offhand comment can lead me into an obsessive bout of searching and the combined evils of Wikipedia and Google Books can lead to danger.

I bloody love Google Books.

When Peter Lemon of The Casks innocently wondered on Facebook why US Proof is double the alcohol by volume percentage rather than the old British measure of about 1.75 times, he probably didn’t realise what he’d done. The seed of research was planted, and here’s all I now know about proof.

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