1001 Whiskies You Must Try Before You Die…

Today I received a parcel in the post containing a book. It’s a rather exciting book because it contains my first printed writing about whisky.

1001 Whiskies

20+ writers, 1001 whiskies, several hundred images, a very Jim Murray introduction and a couple of kilos of paper and card. I had a read through my entries today and already a couple of them make me cringe, however I only wrote 14 (1.39% of the book) so there’s lots of good stuff in there if you have a look. It’s not really a ‘what are the best 1001 whiskies evar’ but more of a ‘what are 1001 whiskies that people wanted to write about’. There’s everything from everyday whisky to obscure foreign drams and everything in between, including some that I agree must be tasted and many that I wish I hadn’t. Don’t expect a coherent whole and do expect some repeated information, but as a book to dip in and out of it should keep most people happy for a while. However, I am biased and my word can’t be trusted at the best of times.


Anyways, the book is now out and you can buy it on Amazon (and doing so through that link might even give me a commission). I advise that you get it sent to its final resting place as it’s quite heavy, as I discovered this evening when carrying it home.

I wonder if any of those drinking their way through Ian Buxton’s 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die will follow up that challenge with tasting their way through this book…

Ta muchly to Dom Roskrow for asking me to contribute and to the nice folks at Quintessence for giving me a thankyou at the end of the book for helping them sort out some of the photos.

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