Goodbye old friend…

Just a quick post today to wish a brief farewell to a good friend of mine – my bottle of Angostura bitters.

Despite being a big fan of aromatic bitters laden drinks over the last decade I’ve never finished a bottle. This fact stood unchallenged until this weekend, when an excellent rye Old Fashioned emptied my sun bleached bottle. I was given it back in the summer of 2000 by a friend of mine who had been staying in my house while I was in the USA for my first month of my first job out of university and it has stayed with me since, moving five times and becoming the beginning and backbone of my cocktail experimentation and love of tasty drinks. Fare thee well, old chum.

Outside, for one last turn in the sun

It’s a new era from here on. An era of a new bottle of Angostura. I think I will call him Tony. I wonder if Angostura bitters oxidises over a decade…

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