Barcamp London 9 – Beginner’s Guide to Absinthe

So, yesterday I did a talk at BarCampLondon about Absinthe. Which was fun. My main take-away from it is that doing a history of absinthe, a discussion of production methods, a hand around of the botanicals, a tasting of two, and the obligatory “Don’t set it alight” and “No, it won’t make you see things any more than Special Brew” in 25 minutes is Hard. Anyways, here are my slides, although I recommend you download them if you want to have a look as all the info is in the notes. If you don’t have Keynote (which I didn’t until last week) there’s also a PDF of slides and notes here.


I’ve put up a few links on the Lanyrd page for my session – if anyone has any other pictures, notes or anything they don’t mind sharing please add them over there.

The two absinthes we tried were La Maison Fontaine Blanche and Jade Espirit Edouard, which are both rather lovely. I got mine from The Whisky Exchange, which you’d expect seeing as I work there. For more info on absinthe I recommend having a look at Oxygenee, Jade Liqueurs, Liqueurs de France and The Wormwood Society, as well as my other absinthe posts (of which there are more to come).

Ta muchly to those who came – be good, buy decent absinthe and don’t set fire to it.

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