Tiger Blood!

I’m currently up in Scotland touring some distilleries and haven’t managed to keep up on the old blog posting, so it was nice to see today that two other friendly blogs have stepped into help me out by posting about me.

A few weeks back me and Whisky Squad bossman Jason B Standing convened at my flat, under the watchful eye of his better half, to strike back at the ridiculous mistake that had been made by Master of Malt – they’d missed us off the list of bloggers who they asked to help them make a blended whisky. The fact that Jason posts only occasionally about whisky and I work for one of their rivals (although, I would hasten to add that We Are Best) didn’t enter our minds, it was merely an oversight on their parts. So, we decided to help them out and raided our whisky cabinets (along with some donations from Rob at Berry Brothers) to create a lineup and eventually a killer blend. A blend that we named in honour of a man who sees no obstacles in his path, Carlos Irwin Estevez. AKA Charlie Sheen. We named it Tiger Blood.

Tiger Blood!

Anyways, Jason and the opposition (I was only holding the traffic cones for a friend) have both put up posts in my honour. Well, mainly Jason’s, I just provided food, a pipette and a wineglass for Liz.

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