Silver Bullet Martini

Yet again I have been struck by the urge to inflict my sarchastic voice and workings of my shaky hands upon you, the lovely people who are reading my excuses for drinking things. After my recent gin related experiments I ended up (due to a rubbish measuring jug) with about 3 measures of gin left over. Why Billy, I hear you exclaim, that seems like about the amount of gins that you need to make a martini! Yes, that is indeed correct, and make a martini I did.

Silver Bullet Martinis recipes do generally seem to come up on the internet as a martini simply with whisky switched in place of the vermouth (and garnished with some lemon that I didn’t have), but it also seems to be a term for a very dry martini (Churchill style – with a nod towards France to acknowledge that vermouth exists). Either way, I rather like them – the cold, almost neutral gin flavour slightly pepped up with a hint of whatever whisky characteristics you choose. My favourite whisky flavourings so far are the Benriach in the video, giving a light sweet smokiness, an SWMS Glencadam (which my production bottle, as expected, doesn’t quite live up to), which gave caramel, salt and rubber, and Laphroaig, for a nice bit of muddy peatiness.

Anyway, I’ll end this with my latest favourite quote about the martini, from James Thurber:

‘One is alright, two is too many, and three is not enough.’

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